Luthier - 6 Cello

Sale price$4,499.00
Size: 3/4
Cello Size Chart


When choosing a cello, it is important to consider your height and hand size. If you are unsure about the best size instrument, an experienced cello teacher can help you make the most appropriate choice. The table below provides a range of cello sizes for easy reference.

Seat the student on a chair with their legs bent to a 90 degrees in an upright position. Be sure to check the student isn't leaning back or forward on the chair. Using a tape measure note the distance between the left knee and the left ear.

 Size of Cello 1/10 1/8 1/4 1/2 3/4 4/4
 Measurement (CM) Up to 54 CM 54 - 59 CM 59 - 64 CM 64 - 69 CM 69 - 76 CM 76+ CM
Average Age of Student 4 - 5 YRS 5 - 6 YRS 6 - 8 YRS 8 - 10 YRS 10 - 12 YRS 12 - 13+ YRS
Perfect For: Advanced and Intermediate
AMEB Level: AmusA
Professionally Set Up & Ready To Play

The First Strings ‘Luthier’ series has been crafted to the highest standards only utilizing the finest aged six-year maple and spruce. Stunningly antiqued, this handmade instrument provides its player with superior levels of clarity and projection. To suit the most astute musician, this instrument delivers a professional level sound at an incredible price.

*Price includes instrument only.

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What Does It Sound Like?

Curious to hear what the Luthier - 6 Cello sounds like? Click to watch.

Product specification

Luthier - 6 Cello
Luthier - 6 Cello Sale price$4,499.00
Luthier - 8 Cello
Luthier - 8 Cello Sale price$5,999.00

Instrument Only

Instrument Only





Larsen Original/Larsen Magnacore/ Larsen Il Cannone (Custom strings on request)

Larsen Original/Larsen Magnacore/ Larsen Il Cannone (Custom strings on request)

Professional Testimonials

Fox Chan

Violin Professor | Sydney Conservatorium Open Academy

"I have been very impressed with the quality of instruments and service from First Strings. They are the only specialised string store in Australia run by active, performing musicians. I take great comfort in knowing that First Strings instruments are tailored and supplied by musicians who are acutely aware of what is required to maximise the potential of all students at different stages of their development." 

Lawrence Gratton

Music Teacher | Hills International College Jimboomba

I was introduced to the First Strings range and was immediately astonished that their violins sounded nicer than my significantly more expensive instruments. I was so impressed – even the base model Overture has a well-rounded tone, excellent build quality and feels great to play. I’ve got most of my string students using First String violins now, and I regularly get comments from parents on how much more the students are choosing to practice at home – simply because the instruments really inspire confidence. 

Ryan Chislett

Conductor | Gold Coast Youth Orchestras

"First Strings have now become the only string store I deal with. Their price and quality far surpass any other string store in Australia. Their staff are always kind, knowledgeable and helpful. I recommend First Strings instruments to all of my students and other teachers/professional performers." 

Daniel Kowalik

Violinist | Orava Quartet

"Finding an instrument for an aspiring professional can be a difficult and arduous task. With a $20,000 budget, I searched around Sydney for a violin for my younger sibling (who is a Violin Performance major at the Sydney Conservatorium). We decided to purchase a violin from First Strings. They offered us a better sounding violin, at a quarter of our budget! Undoubtedly these are the best value-for-money instruments I have come across." 

Harry Mulhall

Ed. QLD-Darling Downs South West

"As an Instrumental Music Teacher in Outback Queensland, I have a regular need for affordable instruments that are able to withstand the tests of students and extreme weathers. Having used First Strings instruments over the last year, I have found the instruments and accessories to be of excellent quality - holding tune, nice tone, and they literally bounce back from the drops! Sophia has been an absolute gem to work with, demonstrating excellent communication skills, and the instruments and accessories arrive surprisingly fast."

Nathan Smith

Cellist Camerata - Queensland’s Chamber Orchestra

"I’ve seen quite a few cellos that have come from First Strings and I couldn’t be happier with the quality. The cellos sound great and the set-up is really top-notch. This means my students are not fighting to play their instruments, but instead can enjoy each moment of the learning process. I’d recommend First Strings cellos without hesitation."

Alexander Warr

Music Teacher/String Director | Lindisfarne Anglican Grammar School

"David Dalseno and First Strings have provided Lindisfarne Anglican Grammar School an opportunity to expand our multiple string programs through the purchase of high-quality, budget-friendly resources and instruments. This came with very personal and friendly service. Since Lindisfarne Anglican Grammar is located in northern NSW, this was a refreshing relationship to establish. To be connected to the string community with such a service and partnership, we are excited for the future with First Strings." 

Shannon Rogers

Head of Department (Music) | Ferny Grove State High School, Ed. QLD

"As an Education Queensland school with a large instrumental music program, we deal with countless suppliers when purchasing instruments small and large. Recently, we purchased some instruments through First Strings and were not only overwhelmed with the quality of instruments and the price, but the direct, informative, and personable service they provided. They are clearly a company interested and invested in the future of music education in our Queensland schools."