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At First Strings, we offer exceptional violins for musicians of all levels, proudly combining high-quality with affordability. Start your musical journey with confidence, knowing you've found the ideal blend of quality and value at First Strings.


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Sonore Violin OutfitSonore Violin Outfit
Sonore Violin Outfit Sale price$439.00
Overture Violin OutfitOverture Violin Outfit
Overture Violin Outfit Sale price$339.00
Grazia Violin OutfitGrazia Violin Outfit
Grazia Violin Outfit Sale price$699.00
Sempre Violin OutfitSempre Violin Outfit
Sempre Violin Outfit Sale price$999.00
Luthier - 10 ViolinLuthier - 10 Violin
Luthier - 10 Violin Sale price$3,999.00
Luthier - 8 ViolinLuthier - 8 Violin
Luthier - 8 Violin Sale price$2,999.00
Luthier - 6 ViolinLuthier - 6 Violin
Luthier - 6 Violin Sale price$2,199.00
Euro II ViolinEuro II Violin
Euro II Violin Sale price$9,000.00
Euro I ViolinEuro I Violin
Euro I Violin Sale price$6,000.00

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Sonore Violin Outfit

A First Strings best-seller, our 'Sonore' series is the perfect choice for violinists in search of a high-quality, entry-level instrument. Designed to provide a premium playing experience, these instruments offer a full and even sound with exceptional depth, allowing players to explore a wide range of tonal colors. The 'Sonore' series achieves its impressive depth of sound by combining First Strings' synthetic core strings with aged spruce and maple, carefully selected for their acoustic properties.

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Luthier 10 Violin

The First Strings ‘Luthier’ series has been crafted to exacting standards utilising the finest aged ten year maple and spruce. Musicians can explore a large range of tonal colours, and through expert craftsmanship, this instrument is ready to express any player’s musical desires. With a strong, dark and mature character, this violin is a pleasure for players and listeners alike. It sets the benchmark for an affordable, professional level sound.

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Overture Violin Outfit

Our 'Overture' violin is designed as the ideal introduction to the world of playing the violin, similar to how an overture sets the stage for an opera. The 'Overture' violin comes equipped with synthetic core strings as a standard feature, ensuring that even beginners can produce a balanced and rich sound right from the start. Crafted using carefully aged spruce and maple, and expertly set up by our team of professionals, the 'Overture' violin sets a new benchmark for both sound quality and affordability.

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Sempre Violin Outfit

Our ‘Sempre’ range creates clarity and projection with the assistance of spruce and maple that has been aged for six years. A deep spirit varnish reflects the depth of sound that can be explored throughout this instrument.

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