Precise setup is key to achieving exceptional clarity and a balanced tone for stringed instruments. For this reason, each First Strings instrument is expertly assembled and rigorously tested to ensure that exceptional sound quality and playing ease is achieved every time. Our minimum setup includes:

  • Ream peg holes and lubricate pegs;
  • Shape nut, regroove nut and lubricate;
  • Fit bridge feet, adjust bridge height, curvature, string spacing, and grooves;
  • Check and align bridge position on a number of axes;
  • Adjust afterlength of the tail chord, and lubricate composite carbon tailpiece;
  • Modify and adjust the position of the sound post;
  • Chin rest securely fastened (violin/viola);
  • Check bow and case for defects;
  • Adjust fitment of endpin; and,
  • Check for sound quality, evenness of tone, buzzes and rattles.