Violin Size Chart

Violin Size Chart

The violin that is right for you depends on the length of your arm and the length of the violin body. To measure your arm length, hold your left arm parallel to the floor and run a tape measure from your neck to the palm of your hand; this indicates the maximum length instrument that will be comfortable for you. The table below provides the range of violin sizes for easy reference. The length of the violin body is found by measuring between the bottom of the instrument (near the end pin) to the top end (where the neck attaches to the body).

Do you already have a violin? To see if it is right for you, hold it in playing position and cup your left hand around the scroll – the three middle fingers should comfortably sit halfway around.

If you are unsure about the best size instrument, an experienced violin teacher can help you make the most appropriate choice. 

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 Size of Violin  1/16 1/10 1/8   1/4  1/2  3/4  4/4
 Measurement (CM)  35-38 CM  39 - 42 CM  43 - 46 CM  47 - 51 CM  52 - 56 CM  57 - 60 CM  > 60 CM
 Average Age of Student  3 - 4 YRS  4 - 5 YRS  5 - 6 YRS  6 - 7 YRS  7 - 8 YRS  9 - 11 YRS  11 - 13+ YRS